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Special Events

Workshops and other events happening at Ford City Potters!

Looking for a fun experience with your coworkers, friends, family, or team? Look no further! Our one-time or multiple event sessions are perfect for team building or just having good time. Contact us today to schedule your next event.

994 Drouillard Rd

Windsor, Ontario


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Pink and Black Bold Launch Party Instagr

Launch Party

There’ll be snacks and drinks at the party and the soulful melodies of Silk Echoes. It's a celebration of creativity, community, and the possibilities that lie ahead. Please come!


Tea Pot Workshop 

Pauline van Beek is teaching a teapot workshop in our studio! Anyone interested in learning to throw and assemble a teapot, as well the ergonomics behind a good pour, are invited to the Intermediate Teapot Workshop being held by the WINDSOR AREA POTTERS.  Please contact Charly by email if you're interested. 

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