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Pottery Studio Membership

Monthly memberships are for experienced potters who can work independently and safely, without instruction. However, they're also open to new students who’ve completed at least two classes, so they have a sense of the studio’s flow and a familiarity with tools and best practices. The only requirement is the ability to work on your own, especially if you’re booking during class times. Reach out to us to see if you’re eligible.

Studio membership price is $175/month. 

Weekly $50/week

Firing Service Only $50/Month

Membership FAQ

How do memberships work?

Members will have full access to the studio so they can work at their own pace, for up to 9 hours per week.

During class times, available spaces will be noted on the TeamUp app which members will use to sign up for available times. Every Sunday the app resets so you may choose your times for the upcoming week.

Once you gain membership, you'll be given an orientation session by Lisa or Gisele before you can make your first booking.

What is included in the membership?

Throwing wheels, hand building tables, 9 hours a week of studio time, studio tools, selection of studio glazes, storage shelfs for your tools and pieces in progress, and of course, firings in the studio kilns.

What isn't included in the membership?

We require members to purchase their clay from us at $38 for 10kg. The markup covers the cost to ship and store clay, plus buying clay from us ensures that we can control what kind of clay goes into the kiln, since we are firing at the same temperatures (Cone 6) for the whole studio and don’t want mishaps to ruin other peoples’ work. 


We will stock a basic mid-speck clay for general studio use, but we can purchase special clays on behalf of our members.

Bring your own aprons, towels, plastic sheets, and anything else you may need.

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